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My Journey to Health

My journey began in San Francisco in 2000, when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal, Stage-4 pancreatic cancer. She was given 1 year to live.  Because she refused to do conventional treatments, my husband and I researched alternative therapies, one of which was the Gerson Therapy.  My MIL agreed to participate in the program, I volunteered to be her companion, and we traveled to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico for a 2-week stay. This experience changed saved my life.

As her companion, my role was to help my MIL through the Gerson Therapy, and to learn how to administer this alternative treatment when we returned home.  I chose to immerse myself in the program as well, to further educate myself and to show my complete support.  Through this immersion process, I learned about the connection between diet and health; I discovered the difference between organic whole foods and packaged, processed, and refined foods; and my eyes were opened to the dangers of environmental toxins.   In  following the Gerson diet for two weeks straight, I ate organic, vegan meals (meat- and dairy-free) in the cafeteria right alongside other cancer patients, all fighting for their lives, and consumed tall glasses of fresh-pressed vegetable juice at every meal.  Just as my MIL was asked to do, I ditched all of my chemical-laden personal care products.  I even did a couple of coffee enemas to detox my liver…a totally different way to have a java!  I was “all in,” and I think that my MIL really appreciated it.

At the Gerson Clinic, I bonded with my MIL in many ways:  I saw more of her than I ever thought I would, we had some very deep talks about our hopes and fears, and she humbly allowed me to serve and care for her (she was always serving others prior to her illness).  Together, we became part of a family with the other patients and their companions, who were also fighting to beat cancer – fighting to stay alive.  We cheered them on… and, occasionally, we cried with the companions of those who didn’t make it.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  It was truly the fight of our lives!  In addition, I watched the team of practitioners, along with Charlotte Gerson, as they tirelessly made their patient rounds and poured their hearts into caring for my MIL as a WHOLE person.  And can you imagine being treated by doctors and nurses as though you were the first and only patient on their schedule? It was so encouraging!

The lights came on for me personally, however, when I began to experience some startling and unexpected healing benefits from following the Gerson protocol: increased energy, greater mental clarity, improved digestion, clearer skin, and stronger nails, just to name a few.  I loved my results, and the community, so much that I didn’t want to leave.  Plus, I had come to realize that my husband and I had “toxic food” in our kitchen, and I was “scurred” to return home!  As someone who had poor eating habits and lots of digestive issues, I believed that God was trying to tell me something: I needed to change…radically.

Despite all of the efforts of the Gerson Clinic staff, my MIL’s cancer was too advanced and she was unable to recover.  Charlotte Gerson personally apologized to me for not being able to do more (Seriously?!?!  They did waaaaay more than we could have asked for or expected at home!).  She did say that if we continued the therapy at home, my MIL would have the most mental clarity, greatest amount of energy, the least amount of pain, and thus the best quality of life.  She was right.  My MIL had wonderful visits with all of her siblings, family, and friends; and she was virtually pain-free until the last week of her life.  I was by her bed side when she passed away at home on May 20, 2000.  One of the last things that my MIL expressed to me was that although she knew it was too late for her to recover, she felt encouraged that my experience with the Gerson Therapy opened the door for me to change my diet and lifestyle, and to improve my overall health and well-being. It did, I did, and I am sooooo grateful!


Here is a pic of our “Gerson group” in March 2000, on the day of our departure from the clinic.  That’s my MIL with the white hair; and me standing next to her with hair!  See the guy in the baseball cap on the far right?  He’s British yogi, Neil Patel, of Chi Kri Yoga.  And I’m FIRED-UP to report that he is ALIVE and THRIVING, having beat the odds against sarcoma with Gerson Therapy!  Go, Neil!!!




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