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Real Food Daily

I go, you go, let’s go to WeHo!!!

Real Food Daily is my “organic vegan mother-ship.”  It’s like an oasis in an urban jungle, and usually my first stop upon arriving in LA.  In addition to the delicious meals that I have enjoyed there, I have over a decade of memories.  I’ve received compliments from celebrities about my children, mourned my father’s passing, been serenaded by the staff on my birthday, introduced friends and family to the restaurant, and so much more!  And, after many years of patronage, I finally met RFD Founder/CEO Ann Gentry, while vacationing in LA with my family this past year.  I did not hesitate to tell her, personally, how much RFD has meant to me.  As strange as it may seem, I think that it’s important to let others know how they have impacted my life.  Oftentimes, they are encouraged and deeply moved to hear that they’ve made such a difference, and it spurs them on to continue their work.  I am, and will always remain, an RFD fan.

I usually gravitate towards staple RFD menu items, such as The Club Sandwich and Faux-stess Cupcake.  However, exciting changes are made to the food roster on a seasonal basis.  Here are some highlights from lunch during my most recent visit to LA in April:


Glow Juice and Caribbean Quesadillas, anyone???  YES, PLEASE!!!


No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  That’s a gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Cupcake with strawberry butter cream frosting.  FABULOUS!!!

The West Hollywood location feels like home to me.  However, you can indulge your taste buds at any one of the Real Food Daily restaurants.  For more information, check here.

You down with RFD?

Clean Green

There is nothing like kicking back and relaxing in a clean house.  To that end, we often turn to products containing harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.  Despite our efforts to “clean up our act” with more eco-friendly products, we can still subject ourselves to questionable ingredients.  Be sure to read those labels, folks!


Here are 5 budget-friendly cleansers that can help you to clean green:

1.  Baking Soda:  Sodium bicarbonate is a mildly abrasive cleanser and deodorizer.  I sprinkle some on my kitchen counters and scrub them clean with a damp cloth.  Done and done!

2.  White Vinegar:  Incredibly popular, distilled white vinegar is a deodorizer, mildew and stain remover, and unclogging agent.  I use it in a spray bottle mixed with water, to clean our mirrors and windows.  Don’t like the smell of it?  Add some citrus to the mix!

3.  Club Soda:  Use this versatile cleaner to attack stains, clean stainless steel, do windows, and more!  I pour it directly into my kitchen sink, wipe it with a cloth, rinse it, then dry it.  Shine on a dime!

4.  Salt:  Whether it is used on it’s own, or with other substances, salt is mildly abrasive, deodorizing, and helps to remove stains.  I combine a little salt with some club soda to wipe down the inside of my refrigerator.  Ta-daaa!!!

5.  Lemon:  A natural cleaner, de-greaser, and disinfectant, lemons are the epitome of cleanliness.  I cut the peels into smaller pieces and run them down the garbage disposal.  So fresh and so clean!

What are your favorite green cleaners?


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