Clean Green

There is nothing like kicking back and relaxing in a clean house.  To that end, we often turn to products containing harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.  Despite our efforts to “clean up our act” with more eco-friendly products, we can still subject ourselves to questionable ingredients.  Be sure to read those labels, folks!


Here are 5 budget-friendly cleansers that can help you to clean green:

1.  Baking Soda:  Sodium bicarbonate is a mildly abrasive cleanser and deodorizer.  I sprinkle some on my kitchen counters and scrub them clean with a damp cloth.  Done and done!

2.  White Vinegar:  Incredibly popular, distilled white vinegar is a deodorizer, mildew and stain remover, and unclogging agent.  I use it in a spray bottle mixed with water, to clean our mirrors and windows.  Don’t like the smell of it?  Add some citrus to the mix!

3.  Club Soda:  Use this versatile cleaner to attack stains, clean stainless steel, do windows, and more!  I pour it directly into my kitchen sink, wipe it with a cloth, rinse it, then dry it.  Shine on a dime!

4.  Salt:  Whether it is used on it’s own, or with other substances, salt is mildly abrasive, deodorizing, and helps to remove stains.  I combine a little salt with some club soda to wipe down the inside of my refrigerator.  Ta-daaa!!!

5.  Lemon:  A natural cleaner, de-greaser, and disinfectant, lemons are the epitome of cleanliness.  I cut the peels into smaller pieces and run them down the garbage disposal.  So fresh and so clean!

What are your favorite green cleaners?

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