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Sound Off

During Easter weekend, I developed laryngitis. Sooooo bad for business, in my industry. With commercial auditions, and possible bookings, I had to do something. In a desperate attempt to regain my voice, I chose some natural, over-the-counter, and home remedies (Thank you, Google, and Mr. Whole Body Team Member) that helped me to get back on track within a week…just in time for a commercial shoot.

Here’s what I used:


1.  Chamomile Tea:  Calming, soothing, and anti-inflammatory, I enjoyed sipping Pukka’s Chamomile/Vanilla/Manuka Honey blend.

2.  Homeopathic Medicine:  I was told that Boiron’s Roxalia Tablets are a customer favorite for hoarseness at my local Whole Foods Market.  So, I gave them a try and got some relief from my symptoms.

3.  Lozenges:  Nature’s Way Sambucus Organic Zinc Lozenges helped to keep my throat moist, and give my immune system a boost.

4.  Water:  When it comes to hydrating and moisturizing from the inside out, it doesn’t get more natural than this.

5.  Humidifier:  I placed several drops of eucalyptus oil in my warm humidifier’s reservoir, and breathed in the vapors overnight.  The anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties of eucalyptus oil definitely helped my cause.

6.  Rest:  Keeping still and being quiet were the hardest “pills” to swallow throughout this ordeal.  Ironically, they were probably the most beneficial.

How do you handle hoarseness, holistically?

Please comment, share, and [as always] take care!



Travel Tips: London


Are you looking for a more urban, international travel experience?

Are you lousy with languages, yet longing for a taste of Europe?

What you COULD do is visit London!

I have visited this fashion capital and economic epi-center twice; and there is still sooo much more to explore.  Here are some of my recommendations, based on my most recent trip:



Flat White – This is a cool little cafe with good coffee in the SOHO area.

Busaba Eathai – Here, they serve tasty Thai in a modern-ethnic setting.

Princi – A Milanese bakery and pizzeria, serving Italian dishes, baked goods, and delicious desserts.

Brown’s Hotel – Choose from a variety of teas, pastries, and sandwiches, for a traditional afternoon tea experience, in an old-meets-new setting.



St. Paul’s Cathedral

Westminster Abbey


National Portrait Gallery

National Gallery

Tate Britain



Queens Theatre – It was a short walk from my hotel, and Les Miserables was playing.  I HAD to go!!!

Shop (window or otherwise)


Harvey Nichols

Oxford Street

Bond Street


Soho Hotel – An urban retreat with cute decor, cozy atmosphere, and a convenient location.

How do you like to experience London?  Please comment and share!

Cheers, and have a great week!





Frida’s Deli


“Meet me in St. Louis, Boo, we’ll

Eat some veggie fare.”

Are you in “The Lou,” and in search of healthy food?

What you COULD do is head over to Frida’s.

A lot has changed over the past couple of years, since my first round of meals here.  They’ve expanded their dining area and modified their menu.  The space looks great, and the food is delicious.  It’s ALL good!

IMG_5156Who IS this Frida?  And why should you patronize her vegetarian deli???

IMG_5157Well, actually, Frida’s is owned by Natasha and Rick, who named the restaurant after their cat.  But enough about that.  They serve a variety of flavorful options, and can accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences and/or restrictions.


“You can have some farm-fresh vittles,

Have a lot, or just a little.”

IMG_6664I recently enjoyed an order of their gluten-free, vegan, Spring Rolls and a vegan Caesar Salad.  I was in the mood for a lighter bite that day, and this hit the spot.  You can take a look at their menus here.

Frida’s is located at 622 North and South Road, University City, MO 63130


“Check out Frida’s in St. Louis,

You’ll see why I had to share!






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