Lesley Headshot2Hi!  I’m Lesley Cain – a mom, actor, model, and host.  I’m a high-heeled business woman-turned-holistic health enthusiast:  I’m as comfortable in my stilettos as I am in my Vibram Five Finger Shoes.  I birthed both of my children in bathtubs with the help of doulas and midwives.  In fact, I delivered my second child at home, by candlelight, to the soothing sounds of Deva Premal.  I’m a world traveler with a baaad case of wanderlust, who relives my globetrotting days before children by frequenting ethnic restaurants, listening to global music, and decorating my home and body with exotic colors and ethnic handicrafts.

“What you COULD do” is usually the first phrase to come out of my mouth when I seize opportunities to help people in the areas of holistic health, travel, and style.  I can often be found doing research on my computer at ridiculous hours of the night, in an effort to refer others to people, products, and services that can meet their specific needs.  In retail settings, I have no shame when it comes to giving unsolicited feedback and recommendations to unsuspecting customers, so much so that I’m frequently mistaken for a sales associate.  Keep checking my blog for an earful of alternatives.  Thanks for visiting!





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