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Spring Into Action!

Do you need to drink more water?  I do.  But our tap water is gross; and our reverse osmosis water is stripped of everything: bad contaminants and healthy minerals.  And I would rather not buy bottled water since it’s not eco-friendly, the sources are questionable, and it leaves a plastic aftertaste in my mouth.  Ugh…

Harding Spring

Harding Spring

For a healthy way to quench your thirst, what you COULD do is find a natural spring near you.  Find A Spring is a resource dedicated to helping people locate springs worldwide, many of which have been tried and tested by others.  Spring water is cleaner than drinking water, mineral-rich, tastes great, and…wait for it…FREE!  So take your jug, bottles, canteens, and go get some of this cool, refreshing, deliciousness.  Your body with thank you, and beg for more.

Me filling one of my Eastar BPA-Free 1-gallon jugs at Harding Spring.

Me filling one of my Eastar BPA-Free 1-gallon jugs at Harding Spring.

Personally, I go to Harding Spring near Sedona, AZ.  When my family retreats to this area for some R & R, we make collecting spring water a group activity.  It’s fun for all of us, and we savor every drop.  We always meet locals there, who have been collecting spring water for years.  If we lived closer, I’d be there EVERY. SINGLE. DAY…TRUST!  In the meantime, I add fruit pieces, fresh-squeezed citrus, or other supplements to our reverse osmosis water; and I look forward to checking out other springs during my upcoming travels.

Another view of me collecting Harding Spring water.

Another view of me collecting Harding Spring water.

Stay hydrated, my friends!

Beautiful Mother

Many years ago, my husband wrote a special poem to honor his mom on Mother’s Day.  She loved it so much, that one of her last wishes was to have my husband read the poem at her memorial service.  We all bawled as my man poured his heart out to honor his mother’s memory.  This touching, original work remains framed on our wall, just the way that he presented it to her.  Enjoy!


Beautiful Mother

By Jerel Cain

(Read unusually slowly to “Thanksgiving” by George Winston)

If I could explain so that the whole world could see
The incredible provider you’ve shown us to be,
And how to YOU we all looked – two sons and their Dad
For the love and security that only moms had,
If words could suffice, though how often they fail
I’d stand on the mountain tops, shouting your tale.
Beautiful Bride. Young Mother.

There are no books, there are no rules,
No patented answers, no sure-fire tools.
But you see me, Young Mother, and somehow you know
Instantly, instinctively – which way you should go.
You set about your tasks perfectly –
With focused resolution and maternal virtue,
In quiet dignity thinking, “I’ll let nothing hurt you.”
You love perfectly… selflessly –
Beautiful Bride.  Young Mother.

Beautiful Woman.  Hardworking Wife.  Mother of Two.
Who made us a family?  Can’t you see it was you?
As children we did not comprehend, nor did we desire to see.
We knew not to be grateful… Knew not we should be.
“Why do I admire you” was once asked of me.
I smiled, with a tear, and wrote, “This is the key:
Of all the people I’ve ever known
No other, no lover
Has quite yet shown
They would cry for my life, they could die for my life
Give all they had left –
Like this Beautiful Woman.  This Hardworking Wife.

Beautiful Mother.  Noble Widow.
“Till death do us part…,” and that promise you kept
Patiently… unyieldingly,
Though his last day you wept.
Stand alone, precious woman, but hold your head high
For you’ve earned the respect of all who pass by
So listen and believe, as from the mountains I call,
“Many mothers do many things, but you surpass them all!!”
Beautiful Mother.  Most Admired Woman.

A Moment in Hairstory

As a child, I had long thick hair.  Friends, family, and strangers alike often commented that they wanted my hair; and some even threatened to steal my pigtails!  They had nooooo idea what I went through.  I remember my mom, literally, breaking a comb while trying to detangle my “wig,” and how I dreaded getting my hair washed.  Eventually, my mom arranged to have my aunt relax my hair just before my 7th birthday.  Once I was “straightened out,” my mom and I both exhaled, and thus began my 22-year “addiction” to “creamy crack.”

After I subscribed to a holistic lifestyle, it seemed natural to address my hair care regimen.  Why spend all of this time, effort, and money to cleanse the inside of my body, yet continue to put toxic chemicals on my head so that I could have straight hair???  So, I embarked on a natural hair journey.  I read books and online forums, and I did a LOT of people watching accosting.  I literally stopped natural-haired women in the streets of downtown San Francisco to grill them about their hair.  “How do you like your natural hair?”  “How long have you been natural?”  “Who cut your hair for you?”  “How do you maintain it?”  Those poor women!  To say that I was on a mission is an understatement.

Since my hairstylist refused to give me the “Big Chop” *gasp*, she referred me to a natural hair specialist who was happy to cut my hair.  My appointment was scheduled for the day before my husband and I were set to travel to Spain for a 2-week vacation.  This would allow me to adjust to my new do in the presence of strangers.  On the big day, the stylist gathered my hair into a ponytail, told me to take a deep breath, then cut it off.  When she finished trimming, I rose from the chair a new woman.  I felt weird not having any hair, yet oddly liberated at the same time.  For the first time in a long time, I saw ME.  Look at the difference:

1079          Cropped Short Hair

It has been almost 13 years since I went natural, and I am thrilled to have reclaimed my health in this area.  And although I admire various styles worn by my fellow naturals, my super short hair suits my personality and active lifestyle.  As a mom, I want to encourage my daughter to embrace her hair and to take care of it…naturally.  To that end, I am constantly seeking ideas and advice from others who are more proficient in longer natural hairstyles.  I found more than enough natural hair info on and to keep any natural-haired beauty or would-be natural occupied.  If you or someone you know are having a bad hair day, you’ll soon be loving your hair!


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