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Travel Tips: Las Vegas


Ravenous for a romantic getaway?

Longing to luxuriate in Las Vegas?

Eager for engaging entertainment?

In search of a veg-friendly vacation venue?

What you COULD do is cut the Craps, hit the Strip, and go for the Wynn!

The majority of my trips to Vegas have been for business purposes.  Recently, I returned for a romantic weekend getaway with my husband.  This was my Mother’s Day gift, and I had a FABULOUS time!  Here is a rundown of recommendations, based on my visit:


We thoroughly enjoyed our accommodations at the Wynn Hotel.  Spacious suite + vegetarian/vegan menus + spectacular spa = WYNN-ING!


One of my favorite meals was on the patio at La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway.  Here, I ordered the vegan Mushroom Tortellini with Arugula and Cashew Cream Sauce.  Sooooo good!

Other noteworthy vegan meals included:  Le Cirque at Bellagio (we splurged on their Vegan Menu, with wine pairing); Botero at Encore (we ended one of our evenings here with a vegan dessert); Terrace Pointe Cafe (Wynn) for breakfast; and Tableau (Wynn) for brunch.  It was nice to not have to stress-out over where to eat, or agonize over the menus.


Ooooo YES I DID!!!  I finally got to see “O” by Cirque du Soleil, and I loved it!  This was the second part of an amazing date night with my husband, after dinner at Le Cirque.


During our romantic getaway, we treated ourselves to 80-minute Custom Massages, and marinated for more than half of the day at the Wynn Spa.  The facilities were beautiful, and the amenities were plentiful.  As someone who worked in the spa industry, with a passion for all things spa-related, I appreciate that.


The primary focus of our trip was experiences, versus stuff.  However, I had the opportunity to pick up a couple of items while exploring The Shoppes at The Palazzo and The Shops at Crystals.  I received excellent customer service in both places.

During this romantic getaway, we were inspired to plan a kid-friendly Vegas summer vacation.  Stay tuned for more details in another post.

It’s great to be back on the blog.

Thanks for reading!






A Healing Oasis At Home

Me in my master bedroom on Mother’s Day 2014.

During the weeks prior to my surgery, I was in major nesting mode.  Seriously!  You would have thought that I was having another baby!  NOT!!!  Since I knew that my hospital stay would be short-lived, in comparison to my recovery time, I planned to create a “new and improved” environment  where I could rest and recover, while surrounded by friends and family.  Although I added extra errands to my pre-surgery schedule, I was quite pleased with the results.  In fact, I was so excited to get home to my sanctuary, that it motivated me to do whatever was necessary to be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.  Here are some things that I did to create a healing oasis at home:

1.  Add aromatherapy:  I purchased an aromatherapy diffuser and a “Calming” essential oil blend of lavender, bergamot, and clary sage from Desert Sage Herbs.  I plugged the diffuser into the wall and took my room from blah to spa!  In addition, I treated myself to Cire Trudon candles in the Abd Al-Kader and L’Admirable scents, and placed them in my entry and living areas.  *sigh*

2.  Plant placement:  What better way to liven up a space than with plants?  I visited a local nursery and brought home a Dracaena ‘Janet Craig.’  Low-maintenance, air-purifying, and health-promoting, I am loving it, and I look forward to adding more greenery to my mix.

3.  Bring on the bedding:  Knowing that I would be spending a lot of time in bed, I felt that it was important to make mine as comfortable and inviting as possible.  I managed to keep things budget-friendly by doing a “spruce-up,” as opposed to an “extreme bed makeover.”  I bought this sheet set in Midnight/Ivory during a sale at West Elm.  Yesssss!  Then, I found a Peacock Alley coverlet set at Tuesday Morning.  Score!  Finally, I purchased a duvet set at Home Goods, which had all of the right colors to tie my master bedroom together.  Gotta love it when that happens!

4.  Clear out the clutter:  I believe that clutter to the eye is clutter to the mind.  So, I purged and organized my space before surgery because I knew that I wouldn’t have the energy to do it afterwards.  I’m so glad that I did because I am enjoying my space that much more.  For me, a clutter-free, organized space produces a calming effect.  Ahhh…

5.  Let there be light:  I sleep next to a large window in my bedroom.  Everyday, I open my shutters to let in sunlight and to enjoy my backyard view.  It’s so simple, and it [literally] brightens my day!

6.  Soothing sounds:  I have surround sound speakers in my master bedroom.  So, I asked my family to play smooth jazz, classical, and relaxation music for me to enjoy.  One of my favorite Internet radio stations is Calm Radio Om.  Sooo nice!

How do you create a healing oasis at home?



Beautiful Mother

Many years ago, my husband wrote a special poem to honor his mom on Mother’s Day.  She loved it so much, that one of her last wishes was to have my husband read the poem at her memorial service.  We all bawled as my man poured his heart out to honor his mother’s memory.  This touching, original work remains framed on our wall, just the way that he presented it to her.  Enjoy!


Beautiful Mother

By Jerel Cain

(Read unusually slowly to “Thanksgiving” by George Winston)

If I could explain so that the whole world could see
The incredible provider you’ve shown us to be,
And how to YOU we all looked – two sons and their Dad
For the love and security that only moms had,
If words could suffice, though how often they fail
I’d stand on the mountain tops, shouting your tale.
Beautiful Bride. Young Mother.

There are no books, there are no rules,
No patented answers, no sure-fire tools.
But you see me, Young Mother, and somehow you know
Instantly, instinctively – which way you should go.
You set about your tasks perfectly –
With focused resolution and maternal virtue,
In quiet dignity thinking, “I’ll let nothing hurt you.”
You love perfectly… selflessly –
Beautiful Bride.  Young Mother.

Beautiful Woman.  Hardworking Wife.  Mother of Two.
Who made us a family?  Can’t you see it was you?
As children we did not comprehend, nor did we desire to see.
We knew not to be grateful… Knew not we should be.
“Why do I admire you” was once asked of me.
I smiled, with a tear, and wrote, “This is the key:
Of all the people I’ve ever known
No other, no lover
Has quite yet shown
They would cry for my life, they could die for my life
Give all they had left –
Like this Beautiful Woman.  This Hardworking Wife.

Beautiful Mother.  Noble Widow.
“Till death do us part…,” and that promise you kept
Patiently… unyieldingly,
Though his last day you wept.
Stand alone, precious woman, but hold your head high
For you’ve earned the respect of all who pass by
So listen and believe, as from the mountains I call,
“Many mothers do many things, but you surpass them all!!”
Beautiful Mother.  Most Admired Woman.


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