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World Breastfeeding Week 2013

This year’s World Breastfeeding Week theme is “Breastfeeding Support:  Close to Mothers,” with an emphasis on breastfeeding peer counseling.  As a mom, who nursed two children for a combined total of 4 years, I am so grateful for the support and encouragement that I received from holistic practitioners, mommy-friends, and family.  Here are 4 things that helped me to have a successful, long-term nursing relationship with my little ones:

1.  La Leche League International (LLLI):  I attended my local chapter meetings one month before my daughter’s birth, which helped tremendously.  I met other moms in the group, and learned what to expect postpartum.  These ladies stood by me when a conventional pediatrician called my little girl “failing to thrive,” and insisted that I supplement with formula (Who says that to a new mom?!?!).  They also referred me to our naturopathic pediatrician, who we LOVE.

2.  Lactation Consultant (LC):  After my daughter’s birth, a friend of mine from LLLI referred me to a lactation consultant.  The LC helped me to breastfeed successfully while dealing with sore nipples and thrush.  After home birthing my son, I paid my LC for a home visit to make sure that we got off to a great start.  In both cases, her wisdom was invaluable.

3.  Breastfeeding Support Group:  During my phone consultation, my LC invited me to join her breastfeeding support group.  The group met weekly to discuss nursing-related topics, and to help meet individual needs.  I also picked up some useful baby accessories from one of the mompreneurs. The information and camaraderie were just what I needed.

4.  Tools:  My Brest Friend, Bebe Au Lait’s Hooter Hider, and the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump were among my favorite items; and I would recommend them to any nursing mom without hesitation.

For more breastfeeding resources and information, check here and here.





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