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Frida’s Deli


“Meet me in St. Louis, Boo, we’ll

Eat some veggie fare.”

Are you in “The Lou,” and in search of healthy food?

What you COULD do is head over to Frida’s.

A lot has changed over the past couple of years, since my first round of meals here.  They’ve expanded their dining area and modified their menu.  The space looks great, and the food is delicious.  It’s ALL good!

IMG_5156Who IS this Frida?  And why should you patronize her vegetarian deli???

IMG_5157Well, actually, Frida’s is owned by Natasha and Rick, who named the restaurant after their cat.  But enough about that.  They serve a variety of flavorful options, and can accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences and/or restrictions.


“You can have some farm-fresh vittles,

Have a lot, or just a little.”

IMG_6664I recently enjoyed an order of their gluten-free, vegan, Spring Rolls and a vegan Caesar Salad.  I was in the mood for a lighter bite that day, and this hit the spot.  You can take a look at their menus here.

Frida’s is located at 622 North and South Road, University City, MO 63130


“Check out Frida’s in St. Louis,

You’ll see why I had to share!





Healing Hands

As a massage therapy student, I was taught that energy follows intention.  I have found this to be true during my time as a practicing massage therapist, and in my daily life.

During my last trip to St. Louis, I visited The Center For Mind, Body & Spirit, to explore different healing modalities.  The owner, Deborah Zorensky, booked it up; and Massage Therapist, Marty Wolins, hooked it up…


There are sooooo many cool things here:  jewelry, candles, books, aromatherapy products, clothing items, and more!  I had to refrain from indulging in retail therapy, despite my love for aromatherapy, bath products, and candles…*sigh*


My Energy Therapy session with Marty began with a detailed intake.   During this time, we discussed the areas of my body where I hold the most tension, which is customary before a massage session.  In addition, I informed her of every injury, illness, and ailment that I’ve ever had in my life.  Then things got interesting, when I revealed ALL of my thoughts (real time, as they popped into my mind), conflicts, fears, disappointments, hopes, and dreams, before and during my session.  Oh, yes I did!!!


At this point, I felt totally exposed, even though I was fully clothed on the table.  Marty performed a series of “holds” and light massage, based on the information that I gave her; and the results were P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L.  I had several big releases: I felt the tension leave various areas of my body, I cried, fell asleep, and shared even more of my innermost thoughts, during  the time that I was with her.  What a cathartic experience!  I felt amazing afterwards, ready to take on my daily tasks and the challenges in my life.

If you’re in St. Louis, and are looking for an alternative to a regular massage or spa treatment, check out The Center For Mind, Body & Spirit.

Open your heart and mind, and let the healing begin!





Sump Coffee

I started drinking coffee during my first summer as a corporate sales and marketing intern in St. Louis, Missouri.  Once a co-worker got me hooked, I was brewing at least a few pots a day for our department.  My “relationship” with coffee lasted for about a decade.  After changing my diet and lifestyle, I stopped drinking coffee and discovered a whole new way to “have a java.”  These days, I typically pass on coffee and coffee-based drinks.  However, I will make an exception, if the coffee is served in a unique or culturally-specific way.


During a recent visit to my hometown, I had the opportunity to experience Sump Coffee.  Located in South City, Sump is just minutes away from the place where my coffee addiction started years ago.  It’s owner, Scott Carey, is [literally] the brain behind this shop.  A former Manhattan-based attorney, Scott shed his suits, shirts, and salary to return home and create something special.  Scott is passionate about coffee and prepared to school you.  It’s all about the bean!


Scott puts his heart and soul into every pour, and it comes through in each drink.  His attention to detail results in a delicious beverage that you’ll want to savor while seated.  I like to think of it as “love in a mug.”  And who can resist a mug like that?


Scott made me a dirty soy chai that warmed my heart and put a smile on my face.  I enjoyed it and the atmosphere so much, that I returned for a soy latte and more details about his journey.  You can read his amazing story hereSump Coffee is located at 3700 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, MO 63118.

If you love coffee, and you’re in St. Louis, you wanna be startin’ “Sumpin’!”


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